The Tux Tailor is a young and dynamic brand putting a modern twist to the tailoring industry.Standing on 10 stores in top locations/malls throughout Capetown as well as Johannesburg with the best highly skilled  staff to do all types of altercations be it men`s ,ladies and kids wear trust the Tux Tailor. We are so customer orientated and committed that we offer an altercation while you wait with the more complex wont take up to 3 days. At Tux Tailor we are skilled to work with the finest threads,delicate materials and curtaining which in turn makes us an all rounded service provider.




The Tux difference as we like to call it, as it is what makes us a cut above the rest is that we manufacture Men`s,Women and kiddies suits.We have sourced the finest Italian Fabric.We have a wide assortment of colors to choose from.Our assortment of colors at Tux are on trend and set us above the rest.The measurements get taken in store and gets to be sent to the manufacturing workshop.The turnaround time for a tailored suit is 5 days.We are committed to competitive pricing whilst we never compromise on quality.





The Tux Tailor is committed to being the leading Brand in its Industry.Our goal is to have a nationwide footprint and become a household name.This in turn will assist in gaining excessive market share.With this growth in market share it will create more jobs and contribute in reducing our high unemployment rate




We have worked with a lot of high profile clients and businesses here at The Tux.With a portfolio of working with the likes of BMW and the PROTEAS CRICKET TEAM.The Tux Tailor has the resources and capacity to service corporate,executive and high volumes as proven by our track record.Currently we are in the process of manufacturing suits for a KEANO REEVES feature movie.


“Do Well ,live Well ,dress Really Well” – The Tux Tailor