Having a good tailor in your back pocket (pun intended!) is key to having a winning wordrobe. A good tailor can turn your outfit from frumpy to chic with a few nips,snips and tucks. Our master tailors has the expertise, knowledge and resources to do:

  • Custom Suits
  • Custom Alterations.
  • Shorten & Lengthen Clothing and Fabrics.
  • Fine Threads on Curtains
  • Sport Coats
  • Shirts
  • Female Wear
  • Dresses
  • Blouses


Extra Info:

Having a custom altered suit is made a lot easier than you may think. You can come in and be sure your suit will fit just right, thus we guarantee precision and satisfaction. Alterations are available, depending on the garment and what needs to be done. For pants please make sure to bring appropriate shoes to ensure the perfect length.


Each clients measurements,style look and wardrobe taste are integrated with a great detail into a unique set of design.On Custom made our skilled staff helps you select the best quality you want.Here at Tux Tailor we have been constant throughout in providing committed precision tailoring to the satisfaction of our clients,as at Tux tailoring your clothes makes all the difference with style and an element of class.